CBI TOURISM WORKSHOP – Accessing the European Market

CBI is a Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries. In partnership with STTA, they held a workshop with the objective: to support Tour Operator Society of Kenya (TOSK) goals to empower members and strengthen their capacity to access markets for sustainable growth.
The workshop provided resources on access to market information, for European buyers, and build capacity on knowledge and tools required for sustainability.

The workshop was productive and many tour operators will engage in booking tours to Kenya from Europe as they now understand the trends in the European Market and needs for each target group.

A team from CBI from the Netherlands and Northern Europe that specializes in connecting service providers from all over the world and consumers in Northern Europe, took an important initiative to take through Some Kenyan Tour Operators on how to target the European Market.

The team took us through some important points to note while thinking to target the European Market. some were to note the change in the travel industry. travelers are looking to experience and have memories rather than just coming for a tour. and more ways and factors we were trained to note and capture to target the current generation.

TOSK CBI STTA Training ongoing

TOSk members were also urged to sell sustainable, conservation tours and safaris to their guests. Since a lot of awareness has been made to protect our ecosystem, more tourists look forward to participating in tours that look after their own ecosystem and wildlife.

Our members benefited greatly in this partnership with CBI and more pieces of training were proposed and are underway to be planned and done.

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October 2, 2019
October 2, 2019

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