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About Us

About Kobo Safaris LTD

We are a Destination Management Company specialising in the provision of highly personalised and exceptional services in East Africa and South Africa.  Our team is made up of proven professionals, who love their work and gain great satisfaction from the knowledge that each and every person who travels with us has a rewarding and enriching experience.

Providing the highest standard of personal service, we give overall priority to direct contact with the traveller, never allowing ourselves to forget that one of the best allies one could possibly have when consolidating a product is a satisfied customer.  We are constantly toiling, discreetly behind the scenes, to ensure that every traveller, incentive trip, congress, convention, conference or a simple incentive gala dinner, runs smoothly. We deliberately seek wilderness settings and unusually adventurous experiences to present and unveil the next item on the agenda, as we have long learnt, the seemingly unplanned moments are often the most memorable and most rewarding.

Our phenomenal vision since inception, is not only a testament to our passion in our endeavours, but the recognition and appreciation of our proficiency and effectiveness from many who have had, and continue to enjoy the mutual pleasure of partnering with us. We hold dear and never shall forget, the solemn promise we made to ourselves and now extend to you.  We shall maintain our ideals, policies and enthusiasm, and continue to lead the school we have created, as it represents not only an approach to the work at hand, but the effort of a team of professionals.

The invaluable contribution of this TEAM has helped build a company that stands proud today.  Without a doubt, any travel professional would be delighted to partner with this Company on all matters pertaining to destination management, ranging from mere consultations to expert advice and, ultimately, quality services.

Granted an opportunity, we will guide you and/or your guests on an adventure of a lifetime, uncovering the mysteries of Africa and sharing in on a magnificent dream. We’ve got the spirit, expertise, flexibility and commitment to make it happen!


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