Benefits of being a TOSK Member

  1. Professional Status Recognition

TOSK is a leading advocate for higher standards in travel and tourism-related research, marketing, and insights. Membership in TOSK says to the global community that you strive to meet the same exceptional standards.

  1. Chapter Membership

As part of your membership fee, all members of TOSK automatically belong to their local chapter, providing localized communications and networking opportunities. If not geographically aligned with a Chapter, or if you have a specific regional interest, members are able to nominate a Chapter to join.

  1. Global Reach

Through its international dimension, TOSK will facilitate the opportunity for its members to reach out to each other across the continental divide, to network, and to gain access to the latest developments and best practices within the business and academic fields globally.

  1. Local Focus

TOSK chapter structure provides members with an additional venue for networking and communication with a local focus and many great opportunities for involvement.

  1. Knowledge Sharing

TOSK offers members many opportunities to share knowledge and experiences with industry colleagues through conference presentations, website postings, eNews submissions, webinars, and via social media.

  1. Industry Education

Through conferences, papers, proceedings, reports, presentations, white papers, webinars, live streaming, YouTube sessions, and professional development experiences, TOSK members stay up-to-date on the latest tourism industry research and methodologies, hot topics, industry matters, trends and more.

  1. Networking Opportunities

TOSK offers a range of traditional and non-traditional peer and colleague networking opportunities – both in-person and online. TOSK exposes members to some of the greatest mentors in the travel/tourism community.

  1. Future Emerging Leaders

TOSK supports the mentorship committee which target university students and graduates as emerging leaders by offering membership and conference discounts to these professionals. The association also offers conference programming and events planned by and for this group of youthful members.

  1. Webinars

Webinars allow our members to stay up-to-date on the information that interests them the most and gives TOSK members the opportunities to share their expertise with the world.

  1. Advocacy

TOSK will advocate for favorable tourism business policies for its members.

  1. Promotion and Marketing

TOSK will strive to market members’ services through its social media platforms, trade shows and domestic tourism activation campaigns.

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